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How Do You Know When to Contact a Personal Injury Law Firm? 

Gama Law Firm LLC Sept. 13, 2022

The moments following an accident can be overwhelming and confusing, which is why many injured victims do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call a personal injury law firm. If you are still on the fence about contacting a personal injury law firm, it may be because you are not aware of the benefits of having an attorney on your side.   

If you need help with your personal injury claim, or just have questions, the attorneys at Gama Law Firm will listen and answer your questions, whether you hire us or not. With an office in Aurora, Colorado, we represent accident victims and their families throughout the state, including Denver, Castle Pines, Centennial, and Parker. Our personal injury law firm is devoted to seeking justice and maximum compensation for our clients by building up your case the right way...from the ground up and with the best evidence.  

Common Personal Injuries  

Each year, thousands of people are injured across the state of Colorado. Motor vehicle accidents are a major contributor to personal injuries in the state. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, more than 2,700 people sustained serious injuries in motor vehicle accidents in Colorado in 2020.  

While injuries vary from one accident to another, some of the most common personal injuries include: 

  • Back injuries 

  • Neck injuries 

  • Traumatic brain injuries 

  • Whiplash 

  • Spinal cord injuries 

  • Burn injuries 

  • Bruises 

  • Lacerations 

  • Broken bones 

  • Bone fractures 

  • Soft-tissue damage 

  • Ankle and foot injuries 

  • Knee injuries 

  • Hand and arm injuries 

  • Facial injuries 

  • Limb loss 

  • Crush injuries 

  • Concussions 

If you suffered injuries in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you might be entitled to compensation. Consider contacting a personal injury law firm to understand your legal rights and options for compensation.  

When Should You Contact a Personal Injury Law Firm?  

While it is up to you to decide whether to hire a personal injury attorney, the need for legal representation increases substantially if any of the following is true: 

  1. Your injuries are serious or complicated. If you were injured and you think your injuries are serious, the first thing you should do is call an ambulance and receive proper medical care. Seeking medical attention right away is important for protecting your health and documenting your injuries. Also bear in mind that your need for legal assistance increases the more severe or complex your injuries are. 

  1. You're receiving phone calls from an insurance company. When dealing with insurance companies, it is critical to remember that insurers are interested in protecting their own interests and bottom lines. When an insurance adjuster calls you and asks questions, do not be fooled into thinking that the adjuster has your best interests in mind. That is why it is so vital to work with an attorney before you fill out any forms, sign any documents, or even say anything to the insurer.  

  1. The fault for the accident is disputed. Proving fault is not always easy, which is why you may need an attorney to help you gather evidence and strengthen your personal injury claim. This is especially true if the other party is trying to blame you for the accident. Colorado is a modified comparative negligence state, which means you will be barred from recovery if you were at least 50% liable for the accident.  

Things to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney  

If you make the decision to contact a personal injury law firm, you need to know what things to ask the attorney you will be speaking with. Below are some of the basic questions to ask a personal injury attorney to ensure that your case is in the right hands: 

  • How much do you charge for your services?  

  • Have you handled/won cases like mine before?  

  • Do you anticipate that my case will to go trial? If so, how much trial experience do you have? 

  • What issues do you see with my case?  

  • How often will we communicate if I hire you?  

  • How much do you think my personal injury case is worth?  

  • Who will be responsible for the legal costs if I lose?  

  • How much time will you devote to my case?  

  • How long will it take to resolve my case?  

These questions are important to ask before you hire a personal injury attorney to ensure that you have the right attorney for the job.  

Skilled & Compassionate Legal Advocacy  

Understandably, the idea of hiring a personal injury attorney may feel overwhelming and expensive. However, the success of your personal injury claim may be dependent on having a skilled and compassionate attorney on your side. At Gama Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys provide diligent and competent legal representation to clients in Aurora, Denver, and other parts of Colorado. Schedule a free consultation today by reaching out to our office.