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Case Results

Elderly Couple Poisoned by Leaky Gas Boiler in Home

$1.15 Million

An elderly couple passed out in their home due to carbon monoxide leak after a negligent inspection and service of their gas boiler. They sustained serious brain injuries

Young Girl Hit by Truck Suffers Brain Injury

$1.65 million

A semi truck driver ran into a young girl in which she suffered a fractured skull. This catastrophic accident left the girl with permanent damage to her brain.

Sleepy Trucker Crashes Into Woman at Nearly 70 Mph

$1.9 million

A sleep-deprived semi-truck driver going almost 70 mph crashed into a woman, resulting in severe injuries, including an amputation injury and serious brain injury.

Unsecured One-Ton Tool Chest Rolls Into Its Owner


A tow truck company failed to secure a tool chest weighing nearly a ton, and it rolled into a young man. He sustained serious injuries to his shoulder, back, and abdomen.

Man Hurt After Falling Down Empty Elevator Shaft


A man fell down an empty elevator shaft after the doors opened without a car. He sustained serious injuries to his head, face, arms, shoulders, legs, feet, and lower back.

Insurance Company Denies Benefits to Young Girl

Obtained policy limit payout

An insurance company wrongfully refused to pay underinsured motorist insurance benefits to a young girl injured in a collision.The case went to appellate court