As an attorney, Richard Gama has helped many personal injury clients who have been seriously hurt in the greater Denver area. From car, motorcycle, and construction accidents to medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuits, some of the most severe cases helped victims through involve spinal cord injuries. Also called SCIs, most of these injuries cause permanent damage.  The nerves affected are those that send messages to the brain for many of our physical functions. This ultimately results in a loss of control over how we move our body, which means the injured often have to change their lifestyle and routine. 

How Do Spinal Cord Injuries Affect the Body?

The way that a spinal cord injury can affect the body depends on the location and severity. Your spine is naturally split into four sections, each responsible for the functionality of a specific region of your body. The uppermost section is responsible for your head, neck, arm, and hand movements; the second, your chest and abdominal movements; the third, leg movements; and the bottom, bowel, and bladder movements. In regards to the severity of your injury, it depends on your unique situation.

Causes & Consequences of Spinal Cord Injuries

40% of spinal cord injuries are the result of car accidents. If you were in a head-on collision that affected the third section — the section responsible for leg function — you may suffer from a complete spinal cord injury, which causes permanent damage to the area affected, as well as anything below it. As a result, not only will the functionality of your legs be threatened, but your bowel and bladder functionality as well.

Another major cause of spine injuries at 28%  are slip-and-fall accidents. Incomplete SCIs do not completely damage your ability to move certain areas of your body, but a noticeable difference in mobility is present. These may result from an icy sidewalk or a wet floor that isn’t appropriately marked. The outcomes of an incomplete SCI are dependent upon the patient's current and past health, and the victim would still have partial control over the affected areas.

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Types of Compensation for Spinal Cord Injuries?

As with any personal injury lawsuit, the severity, the parties involved, and the cost of recovery all affect the outcome of your case. Types of compensation awarded in spinal cord injury lawsuits could include any of the following:

  1. Medical Expenses such as emergency room fees.
  2. Loss of Wages and Future Earning Expenses because you may not be able to return to your job that requires full physical capabilities.
  3. Physical Pain and Suffering Expenses such as recurring physical therapy payments.
  4. Mental Pain and Suffering Expenses if you’ve become depressed from being wheelchair-bound, for example.
  5. Loss of Consortium/Companionship because your spouse or oldest child needs to take on more responsibility around the house.

When it comes to the amount of compensation you might receive, that is up to the court system, which you do not have much control over. However, because of the severity of SCIs, it’s reasonable to expect that you could receive a larger amount compared to a personal injury case involving just a broken arm. That being said, the amount that you are compensated can still range from thousands to millions of dollars, if the court decides you should be receiving compensation in the first place. If you are suffering from a spinal cord injury in Aurora, Colorada, and would like to know if you have an arguable case, meet with a lawyer as soon as possible.

Can an Attorney Help My Case?

Contacting an experienced personal injury attorney to examine your case can never hurt you. The Gama Law Firm has decades of experience working for clients that have been severely injured in road accidents, construction accidents, slip-and-falls, and brain and spinal cord injuries. If you are looking for an attorney that has solely worked on personal injury cases throughout their entire career, turn to Richard Gama. He will fight for just compensation, should you have an arguable case for your injury, so you receive the best outcome possible for your unique case.

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