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Can I Fire My Attorney?

A lot of people think that if they fire their lawyer and hire another one, they will end up paying for two lawyers instead of one. That’s just not true.

No matter how many attorneys you have by the end of your case, you only pay one fee, which your current and former attorneys will then have to decide how to share between them.

Reasons to Fire Your Attorney

There may be lots of reasons why you are dissatisfied with your lawyer. Some of those reasons may justify firing your attorney while other reasons might not. For example, clearing up a simple miscommunication with your attorney might be quicker and better than firing the attorney and dealing with the delays, such as getting a new attorney that will have to take some time to get caught up in your case.

If the problem is deeper than this, jumping ship now may be much better for your case in the end.

Talk to Another Attorney

If you’re still not sure what to do, most personal injury attorneys will talk to you at no charge about your particular situation and what they would recommend, so don’t be afraid to just call.