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Client Testimonials

He always made time to talk with me and explain how things worked. Even when we went to court and the insurance company lawyers started making things pretty unpleasant for me, having Mr. Gama by my side gave me the confidence to keep going.

Donna Barnhill

He explained things every step of the way so we weren’t confused. I felt like we were talking to a friend not just our attorney.

Terry Cox

Richard is smart, methodical and, most importantly, he takes his client’s best interest to heart.

George Jardine

Mr. Gama made me feel comfortable about pursuing the store after my fall. He was diligent and professional when they were attempting to dodge responsibility and shift the blame.


Richard Gama helped me with my case with compassion and great communication. He was available whenever I needed him and always explained things to me honestly and clearly.


He would call me to give me updates on my case as it progressed and would call to see how I was doing. He got me more than I was expecting and was very diligent during the entire process.