Don’t take a backseat after your car crash

After an accident, you are likely in shock from the situation and in pain from your injuries. You probably don’t feel like answering questions from insurance companies or filling out insurance forms.

If you’ve been in a car wreck, the road ahead could become difficult for you. There are things you can do to help your case after someone has caused you to be in a car accident.

Besides getting immediate medical attention, here are some things you should do after a car or motorcycle accident:

  • Take photos of the accident and your injuries. These are one more bit of support that can help your claim with an insurance company or in court.
  • See a doctor right away. Not only do you need to see a doctor, it’s imperative you follow their recommendations. If you have health insurance, use that to pay for your medical bills in the meantime, because a settlement can take several months or even years. If you don’t have health insurance, call an attorney and they may be able to find doctors who will treat you if they agree to pay them back when you get a settlement.
  • Do not sign anything from an insurance corporation. This includes documents from your own insurance company. You may be signing away your rights to a full recovery. Wait until you’ve spoken with an attorney about it.
  • Minimize communication with the insurance corporation. This includes your own insurance carrier. If you must talk to an insurance company before you hire an attorney, do not let them record your conversation and do not answer questions about your physical injuries. Even a simple “I’m doing fine” can be taken out of context and used against you later on, so if you’re not sure how bad your injuries will turn out to be, it’s best just to say that you don’t feel comfortable talking about your injuries until you’ve been fully diagnosed and you’ve completed all your treatments.
  • Don’t post anything about the accident or injury on social media. This includes Facebook or Instagram. These are some of the first places insurance companies look for evidence that can later be used against you.  Even private messages or photos are not safe, as a court can force you to turn those over regardless of your privacy settings.
Call an experienced accident attorney. Don’t assume you know all your legal rights. It’s necessary you speak with one that has developed a reputation for dealing with insurance companies and a willingness to take aggressive action when necessary. Gama Law Firm offers free consultations and works on a contingency fee basis.

Let an attorney help you heal

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Hire an attorney who takes a personal approach to your case

Car accidents are personal affairs because they affect every facet of your life. Some attorneys may see you as a case number, but Gama Law Firm sees you as a person.

It costs you nothing out of pocket to hire Richard. He only gets paid if you get paid.

There are several advantages to hiring Gama Law Firm right away after a serious car accident. The first thing Richard will do is start investigating the accident: talking to witnesses, taking pictures, consulting with experts, such as an accident reconstructionist, if necessary, and obtaining details such as weather and traffic reports.

If you do not have health insurance to begin paying for your medical care, Gama Law Firm can help you find doctors who are willing to treat you and postpone payment for care. Only after you have been discharged by your doctors or reached something that is sometimes called “MMI” (Maximum Medical Improvement), Richard will prepare a settlement package for the negligent driver’s insurance company and try to negotiate a fair settlement.  

Most cases are resolved with an out-of-court settlement. If the insurance company refuses to compensate you fairly for your injuries, financial losses – such as medical bills and lost income – and pain and suffering, you may have to file a lawsuit.  Although lawsuits are generally expensive and time-consuming, sometimes there is no other way to get you the compensation you deserve. Attorney Richard Gama has a decade of experience fighting negligent parties and insurance companies in court.
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Car accident attorney in Denver, CO

Deal with your car accident the correct way. Let an experienced Denver car crash attorney provide you with the means to obtain the care and compensation you deserve. Set up an appointment with Gama Law Firm to speak with attorney Richard Gama. Let his more than 10 years of resolving personal injury cases guide you to a healthy recovery in all facets of your life.