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How Much Do You Cost?

It Costs Nothing to Have Gama Law Firm Start Working on Your Case

Gama Law Firm is not paid until you get paid. This is typically called a ‘contingency fee’ because our fee is contingent on us winning (if we don’t win we don’t get paid). Our fee is a percentage of the total settlement or jury award.

What About Case Costs?

Costs are separate from fees, but there are no upfront costs to have Gama Law Firm start working on your case either. There will be certain costs that are necessary to investigate and "prove" your claim, but most of the time Gama Law Firm will pay for these costs with the understanding that we will get reimbursed out of any settlement. Here are some typical costs that attorney Richard Gama may be charged during the investigation of your case:

  • Doctor’s office charges for processing and mailing copies of your medical records;

  • Doctor’s charges for consulting with them;

  • Expert’s charges for consulting and hiring them (if necessary);

  • Court charges for filing documents.

For a more detailed explanation of what kinds of costs are involved in a typical personal injury case, and how these are different from fees, please see my blog post "Why are lawsuits so expensive?"