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Third Party Claims for Construction Injuries

Richard Gama Nov. 15, 2019

There is no doubt that the citizens of Aurora and the surrounding Denver area are constantly seeing changes to the roads and highways. Highway construction is necessary when an area’s population is growing as quickly as it is in the Front Range. Though many residents get upset at their delayed commute times, reduced speed limits are vital to keeping our construction workers safe as they improve our roads.

In 2017 alone, three construction workers were killed by an oncoming vehicle while they were on the job. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed while working on a construction site and a third party is to blame for the accident, here is what you should know in regards to who, how, and why you should take legal action against.

Types of Construction Injuries

When working on a construction site, you are prone to several different construction injuries because of the large equipment, loud noises, and tall structures. Here are the most common injuries that construction workers suffer from in and around Arapahoe and Adams counties.

  • Falling from heights

  • Electrocution

  • Broken bones

  • Neck, shoulder, and back injuries

  • Exposure to toxic chemicals

These injuries are most commonly caused by failing to wear proper safety gear, coworkers’ negligence, or sheer accident. In these cases, you will need to seek workers’ compensation so your employer can pay for any damages. If your employer wasn’t at fault, then who is responsible? It would then be a third party injury and you will need to file a third-party claim.

What Is Considered a Third Party Construction Injury?

A third party injury is caused by anyone who isn’t your employer or coworker. One of the most common examples of a third party injury is when an employee gets hit by a car at work. A second example is if you are injured in an accident due to the negligent actions of a general contractor. A third example would be if you’ve suffered injuries caused by defective equipment or tools.

Regardless of the scenario, your first step should be to seek immediate medical attention. Next, record everything about your accident: who was involved, where it occurred, what time of day it happened, and what equipment was involved in the accident. After that, you will need a personal injury attorney to help file a third party claim before it’s too late.

Filing a Third Party Liability Claim for Your Injury

Car Accident in A Construction Zone

When you are hit by a car in a construction zone, the driver is most likely at fault for your injuries. You will need help gathering evidence to prove your case by hiring a construction accident attorney who can compile all of the evidence and information to increase your chances of receiving compensation.

Fault of The General Contractor

When you work under a subcontractor in Colorado and the general contractor fails to follow safety procedures and guidelines, it can be harmful or even fatal to those working under them. For example, if the general contractor fails to label a live wire and you receive injuries from an electric shock. As your personal injury attorney, we will build a case for you proving they were acting negligently.

Defective Equipment

Even though you may know every safety rule for using each machine and tool, you can still be injured because it may not have been tested properly for safety. As your personal injury attorney, we will be in contact with the manufacturer to gather evidence that proves their quality assurance was not up to code, or whatever the case may be that establishes fault.

Hire an Attorney with Experience

Some attorneys work within several areas of practice and spread themselves thin, while we put all of our energy and knowledge into one area of practice: personal injury law. Because we only deal with cases like construction injuries, car accidents, and medical malpractice, our knowledge expands broadly into each step of the process, from gathering evidence to taking your case to trial.

Our attorneys assist clients over the greater Denver area, including Elbert, Broomfield, Adams, Boulder, Jefferson, and Arapahoe counties. Whether you want to file a workers’ compensation claim or a third-party claim for your construction injury, let us be your advocate inside and outside of the courtroom. Contact our law office in Aurora, Colorado, today to set up a free consultation today.