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What Is a Personal Injury?

Richard Gama Aug. 24, 2021

“Personal injury” is an area of the law that includes several subcategories, including but not limited to:

Car and auto accidents that are caused by someone not paying attention to the road are the most common personal injury cases. Victims in these cases have suffered severe injuries and have hospital bills and vehicle repair costs that start piling up. Because of their injuries or vehicle situation, often personal injury victims are unable to get to work to earn money to feed and shelter their families, which makes the weeks and months following a collision even scarier.

This leads to a cycle of debt and a sense of helplessness from which they may never recover without the help of an attorney. Our goal at Gama Law Firm is to try and put all these broken pieces back together for our clients.

An Attorney Can Represent Your Right to Recovery

If you’ve been injured, you need to speak with an attorney who has the experience and care to see your case through to its end. It could be a settlement with a negligent individual or in a courtroom against a stingy insurance corporation.

Gama Law Firm in Aurora, Colorado can help get you compensated for your serious injuries, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and the physical impairments (limitations) caused by the negligence of someone else. After an accident or injury, you have enough on your plate with rehabilitation, doctor’s appointments, your work schedule, and trying to keep up with your household affairs.

You probably don’t have time after an accident to be arguing with insurance companies or figuring out who will pay your medical bills and lost wages. That’s where we come in.

Most of the time, attorneys Richard Gama and Joe Gama (former Judge) are able to negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement (either through negotiation, mediation or arbitration) with the negligent party’s insurance company so you don’t have to go to court, which can be expensive, time-consuming, and stressful. Although, if a lawsuit becomes necessary, we have over 60 combined years of litigation and trial experience in taking negligent people and insurance companies to court when they refuse to pay a fair settlement. We will fight so you don’t have to.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Denver, CO

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