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My Family Member Was Killed in an Accident. Can I Sue?

First and foremost, if you lost a family member we would like to extend our deepest condolences to you. It is incredibly difficult to lose a family member, and that pain can be even more intense when it is sudden and due to the negligence of another.

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Car Accident? Do These Three Things First.

After a car crash you may hurt, emotional, and confused, and it may be hard to know what to do next. Here's the first three things you should do in order to protect yourself (and no it does NOT involve calling a lawyer).

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"Five common myths about personal injury cases"

5 Myths About Personal Injury Cases

Here I try to address some common myths or misconceptions about personal injury cases and what you should know if you are ever involved in one.

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"5 questions to ask before hiring a personal injury lawyer"

Questions for A Personal Injury Attorney Before You Hire Them

After a serious injury, hiring a personal injury lawyer can be one of the most important things you do. Here are some things to know before talking with one.

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Can I Settle My Own Car Accident Claim?

Are you thinking about settling your personal injury car accident claim without hiring a lawyer? Will you really save money in the end? Read this and then decide.

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Difference Between Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury Cases.

The biggest difference is that Worker Compensation (WC) cases do not require you to prove that your on-the-job injury was someone's fault, whereas Personal Injury (PI) cases require you to prove that your injuries were caused by the carelessness of someone else.

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Are You Underinsured?

As the cost of everything rises, do you have enough car insurance to protect you and your family from the high cost of medical bills, car repairs, and lost income due to missed work?

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The Real Reasons Why Attorneys Aren't Taking Your Case

Do you think you have a great personal injury case but attorneys just keep giving you the run around? Read this and find out what may be the reasons.

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Thinking About Suing Someone? Read This First.

When you sue someone, their attorney may be allowed to pry into your private and personal life even though you aren't the one that did anything wrong. So before you decide to sue someone, make sure you are ready to handle what is to come.

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Am I Responsible for My Teen Driver?

In Colorado, as a parent you may be legally responsible if your teenage driver causes an accident in a family car. Know about this important law so you can prepare and protect yourself.

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